James Ensor Recomposed by Athos Burez

Award-winning art photographer Athos Burez tackled 'The Baths of Ostend', the world-famous painting by James Ensor, and gave it his own interpretation. Hundreds of actors were needed for this project. Quite a feat!


All those characters make it wonderful to wander in Ensor's painting and this is just as true for Burez's work. The curator of the James Ensor House climbed into the skin of Ensor, and the iconic striped man is also present in Burez's work.

Burez mainly opted for recognizable elements, but at the same time wanted to give the artwork a contemporary touch. He subtly and satirically shows the clichés of our society and stirs things up a bit.

In addition to the iconic 'The Baths of Ostend', Athos Burez also worked on Ensor's other themes. He browsed through the vast oeuvre of the Ostend painter and created a series of photographs inspired by death, masks and the nostalgia of Ostend.

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