The James Ensor House

You can only understand James Ensor and his art if you visit Ostend The house where he worked and lived from 1917 until his death has been preserved in its original state, so you can still visit it today.

Ensor walk

Download the app and take the brand-new Ensor-themed walk to visit all the locations that were significant to the life and work of James Ensor. You will be given information and will be able to see things for yourself at each of these places, using the latest high-tech. Young and older Ensor fans will love this walk.


Admire the masterpieces of these two Ostend painters in the dedicated Ensor and Spilliaert wing. What’s more, all the Ensors of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, which is currently undergoing restoration, will be on show at Mu.ZEE for one year. 

14/07/2020 - 27/09/2020

James Ensor and Ostend

The opening exhibition of The James Ensor House and Xavier Tricot shines a spotlight on the unique relationship between James Ensor (1860-1949) and the City of Ostend.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to the loan of several oil paintings, etchings and drawings from public and private collections. This pioneer of modern art felt the connection with the city of his birth more deeply than perhaps any other painter. He painted and sang her praises throughout his life. Ensor considered Ostend the most blessed, if not mythical place, on Earth. The purpose of the exhibition is to emphasize this important facet of Ensor’s oeuvre and is, first and foremost, a tribute by the City of Ostend to one of its most celebrated sons.

Visit the James Ensor House

Take Ensor home with you

The museum shop sells gadgets, catalogues and all kinds of other things. You can only purchase souvenirs of your visit on location. Definitely worth a visit!


The entire James Ensor House is highly accessible for less mobile visitors. Naturally visitors with visual impairments can also comfortably visit the exhibition.


An interactive journey of discovery in the James Ensor House for children and young people.  They learn more about the person behind the artist with a guide.


Do you want to visit the James Ensor House with a group? We offer tailored group visits upon request.